Collaborative Leadership for Sustainable Change: Coopérative Bladi Rhamna Region, Morocco

by Saadia Abderma (ELP 2016) | President, Cooperative BLADI, Morocco

Rhamna is a province in the Moroccan region of Marrakesh-Safi. Rhamna is situated in the north end of the city of Marrakesh, bordered in the South by the oued Tensift, in the North by the oued Oum Rabia, in the East by Abda and Dukkala and by Sraghna on the West. Its population in 2014 was 315,077 people.

The main problem the cooperative Bladi faces is that of financial resources and funding to achieve progress in the installation of two stations of waste water from two activities as follows:

  1. Manufacturing / Production of goats cheese: We want to create a pool where we can accumulate and collect by-product water and then purify it for the final use to irrigate the forest plants and shrubs needed for a bioclimatic environment.
  2. Hydroponics for the preparation of green food for the goats , activity that uses waste water and losses that  we need to collect and purify  through the purchase of volcanic rocks and reeds.

During this 2016 ELP program, I really appreciate the courses and the field trip. The learning I earned will to make me:

  • To behave positively towards the politicians and the local government in emphasizing on evidence-based points;
  • To initiate the fishing and recycling the water by using it for irrigation as I discovered in the community urban farms;
  • Disseminate the knowledge on organic agriculture to the members of ours associations and others community members; and
  • Thoroughly prepare a project on ecotourism.