Dara O'Rourke

Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, UC Berkeley

Prof. Dara O'Rourke is an associate professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the co-founder of GoodGuide. He studies the environmental, social, and health impacts of global production systems and new strategies of governance.He is currently conducting research on a number of global supply chains - from resource extraction, to manufacturing, to use and disposal. He is interested in governmental and non-governmental strategies for monitoring and accountability over production systems, and new models of public participation in environmental and labor policy. He is also leading a team of researchers focused on analyzing and improving the quality of information available to consumers on the social, environmental, and health impacts of products and companies; researching the impacts of this information on consumer behavior; and developing tools to better deliver information to consumers that actually supports behavior change. He currently teaches courses on environmental policy, environmental justice, sustainable consumption, and global supply chains.