IEP Announces Spatial Data Science Bootcamp in Partnership with the Geospatial Innovation Facility

BERKELEY, CA – In partnership with the Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF), International & Executive Programs (IEP) announces the Spatial Data Science Bootcamp, a 3-day certificate program designed to familiarize participants with some of the major advances in geospatial technology today: big data wrangling, open-source tools, and web-based mapping and visualization. We take our participants beyond traditional, desktop-based GIS to explore the tools of Spatial Data Science, offering a modern workflow that includes the integration of data from multiple sources and scales, open-source and web-based technology for robust data analysis and publication, and core spatial concepts and the application of spatial analysis methods, which allows for the collaborations of people – companies, scientists, policy-makers, and the public.

IEP has partnered with the GIF to deliver this this exciting new program because of its ten-year status as the premier research and educational facility in the Bay Area that focuses on a broad vision of Spatial Data Science, as well as its history of successful GIS and remote sensing research projects. The GIF has trained many students, researchers, and community members in geospatial techniques and applications through their popular workshop series and private consultation. With more recent advances in web-based mapping capabilities, the GIF has been at the forefront of complex web-based spatial data informatics (web-based data sharing and visualization), such as the Cal-Adapt tool, which provides a wealth of data and information about California’s changing climate. Participants will get the benefit of our decade-long focus on Spatial Data Science: collaborative project development, rigorous spatial analysis methods, successful interaction with clients, and the delivery of results to project managers, the public, and other stakeholders.

As the second open-enrollment program for IEP, following the successful "Economic Impact of Climate and Energy Policy on Public and Private Sectors" program last October, this bootcamp represents a huge step forward for IEP. Having proven its ability to bring world-renowned experts to professionals from every sector, IEP will now work with its partner to provide technical, finely-tuned training to professionals who work with spatial data. Participants will learn how and when to implement a wide range of modern tools that are currently in use and under development by leading Bay Area mapping and geospatial companies, as well as explore a set of repeatable and testable workflows for spatial data using common standard programming practices. Upon completion, participants will also boast a certificate from UC Berkeley – a name recognized the world over for excellence in education and innovation.