Launch of the Beahrs ELP YouTube Channel!

This past June marked the 17th Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program. As part of our program, the College of Natural Resources held a reception to honour all our participants. In this opportunity, we had the privilege of hearing the stories of two of this year's fellows, Volanirina Ramahery and Paulina Ela.  Vola is a Vince and Cheryl Resh Fellow, and spoke about her start in the environmental industry and her work as a scientific monitoring officer for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Madagascar.  Paulina is a Steve Silberstein fellow, and spoke about the importance of orangutans and her work as a communications specialist for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. 

We were able to record their speeches and have uploaded them to our Youtube channel in hopes to share their stories with you!  We are happy to launch our YouTube channel as a source to learn more about our program and participants!

Watch Vola's full speech, here.

Watch Paulina's full speech, here.

For more Beahrs ELP related videos, visit our YouTube channel.