Brain Booster

by Dr. Gbolagade Lameed, Nigeria, ELP 2014
Written on July 19, 2014.

Coming to UC Berkeley for Beahrs ELP is the greatest fantasy that I have ever experienced in my life and this sends me to another tutelage of academic mind arrest. Each class or session becomes a challenge because each participant has to live up to a standard academically to understand and practice in the class. The challenge of becoming a reliable leader is now a reality to me because onto whom much is given, much is expected.

To become a stunt leader in environmental management, the lecture delivered on Environmental Policy was a major catalyst that gave me more insight into the need to balance geometric human desire and population explosion with arithmetic growth of natural resources. If the whole world is truly seeking peace and harmony, then we must live our life not in disparity with the God-given natural resources by seeking a balance between the use and growth, without which human survival is in jeopardy. The lecture on Resource Policy by J. Keith Gilless was also a mind booster and further gave me more insight on the World Forest Economy and importance of Gross Domestic Product for both developed and developing countries alike. The world leadership problems and challenges facing the present and past leaders were diagnosed in the lectures on Collaborative Leadership for Sustainable Change by Susan Carpenter. This problem cannot be understood perfectly without both the electorate and elect understanding the personality of whom they are to put in the position of power. This also goes for individuals in different facets of endeavors. Without having a deep understanding of personal temperament and capability to manage positions or professions, then such will always commit mistakes or be found imperfect, not capable and unfulfilled. Another lesson learned is from the lecture by, which made me be creative and think deeper to bring something out of nothing when one is faced with the needs and challenges of life. The motivational talk of Dr. Sirolli was thought provoking and further referred me to the commoners or ideology of the “bottom up approach.” There are more inbuilt experiences that I have gained and just a few sentences cannot tell it all, but adaptation of the knowledge and implementation in my primary place of assignment to fulfill the highest goal of being a GOOD LEADER will be a legacy to achieve.