Jamartin Sihite – 2015 GRASP Ian Redmond Conservation Award

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Today, Tuesday 28 July 2015, BOS Foundation CEO, Dr. Jamartin Sihite, received the GRASP – Ian Redmond Conservation Award in Kinabalu, Malaysia. This award was presented as recognizing his amazing work in orangutan reintroduction that continues to encourage innovation, inspire leadership and offer hope for the future of orangutans.

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GRASP or the Great Apes Survival Partnership is an United Nations  initiative committed to ensuring the long time survival of chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans and their habitats in Africa and Asia.

This is the second year the GRASP presented award to individuals considered to have played a significant role in great apes conservation.

Image iconjamartin2_2.jpg BOS Foundation CEO, Dr. Jamartin Sihite, gives speech

This year, the GRASP presents award to 4 recipients with Dr. Sihite as the only recipient from Asia.

Image iconjamartin3_2.jpg Great ape expert Ian Redmond OBE, presented the 2nd GRASP Conservation Awards to Dr. Jamartin Sihite

Congratulations, Dr. Sihite!

More information on GRASP is available here:  http://www.un-grasp.org.