Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Through expert-led workshops and conferences, the International and Executive Programs educates leaders around the globe on critical issues, inspires their innovative visions, and provides them the tools necessary to create positive environmental, societal and economic changes. Our programs are an extension of the UC Berkeley Rausser College of Natural Resources’ mission of serving society by generating and disseminating knowledge to protect the Earth’s natural resources and ensure economic and ecological sustainability for the future.

Our Vision:

IEP leverages the unparalleled faculty of Rausser College and their network of leaders in industry and government to provide a stimulating environment for learning and innovation.

Participants in IEP programs can interact with experts and scholars across campus, especially from Rausser College’s interdisciplinary academic units (Agricultural and Resource Economics; the Energy and Resources Group; the Masters of Development Practice; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology; and Plant and Microbial Biology) on issues including, but not limited to, climate change, environmental policy and economics, energy, human health and safety, natural resources management, and biodiversity.

Our interactive sessions and skill-based workshops will expand participants’ networks, supplement career transitions, foster leadership, and develop their professional repertoire.