About International and Executive Programs

Mission and Vision

Through expert-led workshops and conferences, the International & Executive Programs at the UC Berkeley Rausser College of Natural Resources educates global leaders on critical issues, inspires their innovative visions, and provides them the tools necessary to create positive environmental, societal and economic changes. Our programs are an extension of Rausser College’s mission of serving society by generating and disseminating knowledge to protect the Earth’s natural resources and ensure economic and ecological sustainability for the future.

Our Team

Under the leadership of Dean David Ackerly, the International & Executive Programs develop programs to best suit the unique needs of professionals seeking UC Berkeley's expertise. Led by Dr. Mio Katayama Owens, the International and Executive Programs team works with our faculty, specialists, and staff to ensure the success of each program.

To learn more about our staff, visit our Staff page. 

The Berkeley Experience

The International and Executive Programs are backed by unparalleled, award-winning faculty in the Rausser College of Natural Resources and the University, along with our exemplary engagements within the University of California system and across external organization

To find out how the Berkeley experience shapes our programs, visit our Berkeley Experience section.