Participant Testimonials

"The experiences we shared during the program deepened my exposure to broader environmental issues and crucially, to view such issues in a more holistic manner, which I believe is the one of the highlights of Beahrs ELP that can seldom be found in similar course offerings elsewhere."

- Mekalia Paulos Aklilu, Ethiopia (ELP 2021), UN Economic Commission for Africa, African Climate Policy Centre


"The Beahrs ELP provided the space for the participants to see the big picture in order to make the world a better place. Seeing the big picture is as important as understanding the details and complexities of the problem, and is vital for generating creative solutions to our environmental problems. An array of competencies from technical, communication, and leadership skills were offered by the Beahrs ELP to ensure that participants are equipped to face current and future environmental challenges. No doubt the experience aided my growth as an environmental professional."

-Divina Lade, Philippines (ELP 2018), Manager, Behavior Training, RARE INC

"I was able to access new and innovative information regarding global environmental issues as well as other social and political topics necessary to deal with the most pressing environmental problems in Latin-America. In my opinion, the most decisive ELP course was ‘Collaborative Leadership for Sustainable Change’ with Susan Carpenter. This course was an innovative and practical way to address environmental and indigenous requirements in my country. Carpenter’s course taught me that conflict solution is a process where dialogue and joint group collaboration are important, but the use of technical tools is decisive too."

-Carlos Trinidad Alvarado, Peru (ELP 2017), Legal Advisor in Financial Terms, Peruvian Society for Environmental Law

"By interacting and networking with my colleagues in the program on various crucial topics, I have diversified my perspectives, learned from successes, understood challenges and the effects it has on people, economies, and the planet, developed renewed vigor to pursue my goals of being an Agent of Change. I have refined my perspectives and appreciate the principles and practice of networking and this, I will use to effect change moving forward."

-Borwen Sayon, Liberia (ELP 2018), Deputy Managing Director, Forestry Development Authority

"The tools and techniques delivered through this program were the best of its kind in developing leadership qualities, effective communication skills and sustainable use of natural resources and there management."

-Participant of the 2016 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program


"Attending ELP was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. I enjoyed learning from classmates and professors through group work, open-minded team discussions, and in-class activities. One of the biggest differences that I saw that existed between programs in China and at UC Berkeley was that sessions at UC Berkeley were extremely well-organized and the professors were always open-mind and encouraging. The passion they have for environment conservation has shown me what is possible through hard work. I believe that with the knowledge and skills that I have gained through the program, I will take my conservation efforts to the next level."

-Dorje Jyal, Tibet/China (ELP 2018), Project Manager, Wildlife Conservation Society

"The program exposed me to an amazing cross section of academic and policy leaders and their efforts to address the most wide-reading issue of our time."

-Participant of the 2014 Economic Impact of Climate and Energy Policy on Public and Private Sector

"Access to information, UC Berkeley faculty, researchers and academics, and the networking just add on to the already highly effective learning from the program."

-Participant of the 2014 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program

"This course should be required for anybody who wants to stay up to date. I felt that every ten minute block was meticulously planned to make the most of everybody's time."

-Participant of the 2015 Data Science Bootcamp