2022 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program FAQ

Q1. Will you offer any scholarships?

A1. The Beahrs ELP has resources to offer a limited number of partial scholarships of various amounts each year. The scholarships can only be used toward the program fees. When you apply, there will be a portion of the application where you can indicate if you would like to be considered for scholarship. To have the best chances of receiving a scholarship, we recommend that you apply by the end of March.

Because our official scholarship deadlines have passed, we have only limited scholarships still available. To qualify for a scholarship at this point, you must be able to participate in the entirety of the (online) program, and you must also have reliable internet access and computer equipment to be able to join the online sessions. For more information on the criteria used to assess scholarships, visit our Beahrs ELP Costs page.

Q2. Will the 2022 program be online or in-person?

A2. While we aimed to have a hybrid program this year, we have come to the conclusion that it still may not be safe to come together on campus this year. Thus, the 2022 Beahrs ELP will be online, and will take place with both live and asynchronous sessions over Zoom.

Q3. What will the cost of the online program be?

A3. The total program fee will be USD$5,300. This is reduced from our standard fee because we do not need to provide housing, meals, or physical classroom space. What is included in this fee is the costs of instruction, course materials, online infrastructure and licensing, and the certificate. There is also no need for participants to secure a visa, airfare, or any travel arrangements (such as insurance) this year, and we hope that will help ease the cost burden.

Q4. Will I be able to access the UC Berkeley libraries?

A4. If you would like to have full access to UC Berkeley’s libraries during the program, you will need to go through the process of acquiring a visiting scholar appointment through the Visiting Scholar & Postdoc Affairs office on campus. This will cost an additional $1,730, approximately*, which is not included in the program fee. Non-US citizens will also need to acquire a J-1 visa, which is required for the visiting scholar appointment.

If you are interested in this, you will need to submit your completed application by December 31, 2022, so that there will be enough time for your application to be reviewed and accepted in addition to going through the visiting scholar appointment process. This deadline is an attempt to ensure that you will have library access when the program begins in May; however, this includes a visa-related process and we cannot guarantee the timeliness nor the success of these applications. We will need you to inform us of your commitment to the visiting scholar appointment (and payment of all associated fees) by January 21, 2022.

Please note that if you do not do this, you will still have access to some of the libraries during the in-person portion of the program (but not the online database during the remote portion of the program). You will be able to use the computers and library databases in any libraries open to the public. You can find more information about the limits of the library access here.

*Visa fees are dependent on your country of residence and are not included in the amount above. And if you are a US citizen and do not require a J-1 visa, then the overall cost should be closer to $1,000.

Q5. What is included in the online program? How much time will it take?

A5. The program will take place from June 2 to September 16, 2022. Live Zoom sessions will be on Thursdays and Fridays from 7 am to 9 am Pacific Time, with occasional sessions in between for networking and other opportunities. There will also be asynchronous (pre-recorded) lectures to make the most of the time we have together on Zoom. Asynchronous (pre-recorded) material will continue to be available and can be viewed at your convenience.

This year’s program will be spread out across three months to allow you greater flexibility, so that you do not need to take three weeks away from your work and home life. You now have the opportunity to learn from our world-class instructors and participate in cohort-building without having to leave the comfort of your home or disrupt your work schedule.

To see what time the sessions will be for you, go to this time zone converter and enter your city/time zone. Please note that during the program, California will be in Pacific Daylight Time, not Pacific Standard Time.

For more information regarding how UC Berkeley is handling COVID-19, please visit coronavirus.berkeley.edu. If you have questions regarding the Beahrs ELP that cannot be answered above, please direct them to beahrselp@berkeley.edu.

To apply today, visit https://beahrselp.berkeley.edu/apply/2022.