ENVERACE, New Startup by ELP Alumnus in Moldova, is Looking for Partners and Core Team Members

by Alexandr Iscenco,  Moldova (ELP 2013)

This summer MEGA (www.megageneration.com), the social entrepreneurial organization focusing on environmental gamification that my colleagues and I, Alexandr Iscenco (https://beahrselp.berkeley.edu/alumnus/alexandr-iscenco), co-founded back in 2013 (the same year when I participated in ELP), gave birth to a “baby”. This “baby” is a spin-off startup we called ENVERACE (www.enverace.com).

ENVERACE is a talent pre-selection and recruitment agency focused on the domain of environmental management, science, and eco-innovation; it works by transforming environmental job posts of Green Tech companies and environmental organizations into intelligent candidate pre-selection tools.

We created ENVERACE after facing numerous challenges in finding, recruiting, and retaining researchers and specialists for jobs and opportunities in different environmental projects of MEGA. In the projects where we recruited candidates who turned out to be unsuitable for our organizational culture, we lost about $6600 in funds and approximately 360 hours that could have been used more effectively. However, in other projects, such as “The Codru Quest” (www.megaimpact.md/the-codru-quest), where we experimented with innovative ways of pre-selecting and recruiting environmental researchers, we achieved about $1800 in cost savings and approximately 480 hours in productivity gain. Since then we are developing these ways further mainly for using in other MEGA projects, but also offering them to other companies and organizations that might benefit from them. We have already graduated from a number of startup acceleration programs, including the Dutch-based Rockstart Launchtrack and Silicon-Valley-based Founder Institute (https://fi.co/companies/95601).

Today we offer Green Tech companies and environmental organizations the first “level” of our solution: the ENVERACE Pre-selection Button: One Button that Pre-selects Them All.

The ENVERACE Button is a smart widget that connects to an environmental job post and transforms it into intelligent candidate pre-selection tool. It essentially replaces an entire team of recruiters by automating the pre-screening process for a job in a domain related to environment.

After doing all the candidate data collection and pre-selection work for a company or organization, the Button brings its HR manager the visual report with job post performance statistics, as well as leaderboard and profiles of the most suitable and qualified candidates for the specific environmental job.

The Button uses the ENVERACE Suitability Score and comparative analysis algorithms to match candidate applications to critical job requirements and assign a score to each one of them. The HR manager receives a visual report, in which the candidates come arranged in a leaderboard based on their score, with the most suitable and qualified candidates on top, allowing the HR manager to immediately assess and invite them to a job interview.

The ENVERACE Button is just the first “level” in the entire roadmap of product development. The next one is to develop and deliver an online tool for creating attractive and engaging environmental job posts that already have the ENVERACE Button and the whole intelligent pre-selection process integrated in them. This intelligent job post creation and sharing tool will then become part of the entire platform and app for environmental specialists to connect with Green Tech companies and environmental organizations to assess each other and connect for the perfect candidate-job matches. Ultimately, we strive for designing and bringing the advanced LinkedIn-like ecosystem specifically for environmental and Clean Tech sector to help us achieve our vision: a sustainable world where vision, mission and values of every single company and employee are aligned.

Do you find all this interesting and useful for you, dear ELP Alumni? If yes, we are currently experimenting with how the ENVERACE Pre-selection Button works. So, if your company / organization has an open job post or is considering of opening one, we would be happy to collaborate and run a pre-selection experiment for it while providing you the service and giving you the value described above for free.

We are also looking for amazing developers, psychologists, and environmentalists to join our Core Team and develop ENVERACE together. If you are one of them and are interested in such offer, do write us to info@enverace.com. We will be happy to welcome more ELP Alumni to the ENVERACE Team!