Gearing Up For the Environmental Battles

by Christopher Achuenu (ELP 2013) | Program/Grants Manager, Better Healthcare for Africans Initiative, Nigeria

I read the theme and knew that yes indeed the environmental enthusiasts were already gearing up for the battles that may hitherto face the environmental landscape, bearing in mind the fact that globally the political terrain is changing. So I asked myself, we have had climate and environmental enthusiasts in the political terrain for a while now how much have we achieved in terms of the giant leaps we have hoped to gain? We have had Governments of the world sign several treaties that are super friendly and sensitive to environmental issues but howbeit most of these treaties and agreements have remained on the shelves of Country libraries and not seen the light of day. This is simply because most of these agreements have not been given the needed attention they deserved. In the coming years we may see a change in the number of agreements because of the change in the political climate, such as the new administration coming into power in the United States. 

Although there are changes in the political landscape that may implicate the environment, we passionate environmental enthusiasts must continuously carry out the work that must be done. Such duties involve, but are not limited to educating the world in a way that they see the true impacts of global warming, climate and environmental changes as it happens real time, and the part they have to play to mitigate the impact. 

Over time I have come to see that when the Government of the day is sensitive to the needs of a particular sector, activists and enthusiasts in that field begin to relax and rest on their oars. They feel that those working in the political corridors understand the challenges of the day, but the truth is the pressure and task of governance can be daunting. Therefore there is a need for influence from faithful enthusiasts who are passionate about the environment to put their best foot forward and refuse to be disheartened amid a changing global political terrain.

Indeed the work may have gotten a bit harder but the only way we can show we are passionate about the environment and what we believe is happening to our world, is by refusing to cave in. Rather we should rise to the challenge and do our jobs daily, educating the world, making continuous research, and producing innovative sustainable products in hopes of improving the environment for ourselves and generations to come.