Greetings from the Program Administrator

by Cat Ming Hubbard


I’m the new Program Administrator for the International & Executive Programs (IEP) at UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources. Some of you already know me, but to many of you I am a new face. I joined the IEP in April of 2018, just in time to throw myself into preparations for the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (Beahrs ELP). On the first day of the program, I stood at the front of the classroom holding a ukulele. I wondered what possessed me to welcome such inspiring and accomplished people with silly songs. But after a few strums, we were all laughing, grooving, and getting to know each other. I quickly learned that an adventurous spirit and a dose of whimsy would become daily necessities in my work with Beahrs ELP. You can learn all about my career and educational background here.

For 2019, my goal is to communicate more effectively with all of you! To this end, Mio and I are working on some exciting changes to make the ELP website more user-friendly. Please note that we recently moved to a new office while Giannini Hall undergoes a 24-month seismic retrofit and renovation; you can find us at 141 University Hall.

Your ongoing efforts to make the world a better place inspire me to do what I do. Thank you for staying close to the International & Executive Programs.


Cat Ming Hubbard

Cat Ming Hubbard sitting on the lawn in front of Giannini Hall with her ukulele.