Michael Binder

Director for Sustainability Development

Sustainability is a key component of Evonik’s performance pledge “Power to create” and an integral part of our corporate strategy. We take on responsibility—for our business, our employees, the environment, and society. For Evonik as a globally operating specialty chemicals company, business responsibility and long-term business success are two sides of the same coin. That can be seen in our customers’ growing demand for our products and services, which maintain an excellent balance between economic, environmental, and social factors. Thanks to our innovative strength and technological leadership, we enable our customers to offer energy-efficient and resource- conserving solutions. The areas of application range from consumer goods for daily use to healthcare products, animal nutrition, and industrial applications such as energy-saving tires, wind turbines, high-performance lubricants, and lightweight construction. Our sustainability strategy responds to the megatrends we have identified in our corporate strategy—health, nutrition, resource efficiency, and globalization—and supplements them with environmental and social goals. Our own sustainability activities overlap at many points with the objectives the United Nations aims to achieve with its Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Evonik has been included 2016 in the prestigious "Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World" and also "DJSI Europe" for the first time,  gaining particularly high ratings in all environmental criteria. LCAs are a central focus of the sustainability analysis of our business and are being performed by the expert group Life Cycle Management. So far, the ecological impact of around 70 percent of the external sales generated by our chemical segments has been examined and the aim is it to extend this to around 80%.”