Sarah Eminhizer

Associate Program Director
Coral Reef Alliance

Sarah developed a strong love of nature and particularly the ocean and coastal environment while growing up on California’s Central Coast and spending time at the beach. With more than 10 years of field experience as a consultant, researcher, and resource manager she has sought to conserve coastal and ocean resources across numerous locations including American Samoa, Australia, Fiji, St. Lucia, U.S. Virgin Islands, and U.S. West Coast. As a former consultant, she brings direct experience engaging stakeholders (communities, resource managers, nonprofits, funders, and government representatives) to strengthen conservation and resource management. Her expertise lies in organizational and management effectiveness; strategic planning; sustainable financing; and monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Sarah has been an Environmental Planner in American Samoa and supported collaborative efforts to reduce human impacts to territorial reefs. She holds a master’s degree in coastal environmental management from Duke University with a special focus on sustainable tourism development and a B.S. in Aquatic Biology from U.C. Santa Barbara. At CORAL, Sarah leads the Fiji program and initiatives designed to improve the efficacy of local management efforts.