Steve Dauphin

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Steve Dauphin, a founding partner of Bonaventure Capital, has over 20 years of investment experience working in underserved capital markets domestically and abroad.  Today, he is focused on promising companies delivering smarter agriculture, cleaner energy and solutions for rural communities. Through the Kirchner Impact Foundation, Steve and the Kirchner team are developing new ways to invest equity in historically unservable regions of the world through an experimental model that has been described as “the Peace Corps meets venture capital.”  Using the model, the Foundation has made investments in the U.S., Mexico and Nigeria.

Steve is a Director of Enviva Holdings, Radient Technologies, Filter Easy, TrakRef and Shared-X; and a member of the Stimson Center’s Alfred Lee Loomis Innovation Council. Prior to his career in finance, Steve was a DEA special-agent.  He is a graduate of Harvard with BA in economics and religion, and of UNC Chapel Hill with an MBA.
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Bonaventure Capital
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Kirchner Impact Foundation