Susan Jenkins

Managing Director
Innovative Genomics Institute

Chief Administrator
Energy Biosciences Institute

Susan Jenkins is a member of the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI), a research partnership between UC Berkeley and UCSF with the mission to develop and deploy genome engineering to cure disease, ensure food security, and sustain the environment for current and future generations.  As the managing director, she helps to shape the research portfolio of IGI, which includes basic and applied scientific research, as well as research on societal aspects, economics, policy, law and ethics. She holds a B.S. in genetics from UC Davis and a Ph.D. in plant molecular biology from UC Berkeley. Previous research studies focused on biochemical pathways and regulatory gene networks controlling plant development and disease resistance. When she left the bench, she continued to draw on her scientific expertise to establish institutes and programs with true multidisciplinary scope. In addition to managing research, she is also active in STEM initiatives and takes an active role in education and outreach activities in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Jenkins serves as the Energy Biosciences Institute's chief administrator and the Berkeley site's staff manager. As the lead administrator for research and operations, she is a key point person for short and long-term strategic planning. Her institutional oversight includes coordination of the research proposal and funding process, financial management, communications programs, intellectual property management, IT and facilities planning, and education and outreach activities.