Through the Glass

by Natalia Popova,  (ELP 2017) | Head, Environmental Office, St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

Well, let's start writing my own blog. When you are far from your own place, the only thing you can do to get closer is writing.

09.06.2017 Urban Farming 
So, today was the first thematic trip and an example of the transformation of unsuitable urbanized territories into a public garden or a farm. Both are located in the disadvantaged areas - Oakland and Richmond. Both for the local community - the opportunity to see life beyond the horizon of daily survival. Both - an example of the formation of the territory, of wasteland.

We are that surrounds us. Is it possible to hope that people who have not seen anything better than a garbage dump will create something out of it? The question is rhetorical.

11.06.2017 Food 
Another trip, another impression. Salinas Valley. Vegetable's paradise. Whole valley for agriculture. Using plants, using soils, using underground water. Without stop, just to feed a lot of people. But i cannot stop thinking about the wildlife that was here before. About ecosystems, full of biodiversity and life. Now here is monoculture. Desert from the point of view of biodiversity. And the more population the more space for food it would be need. To tell the truth, it's very sad.

23.06.2017 Abroad 
Each time I visit other countries, meeting other people, different people, I'm very happy that I'm able to do this. I think the worst thing in the world - is impossibility to move abroad. This idea is not only about countries. I mean abroad your country, abroad your culture, abroad your usual way. Crossing the line you'll get some new idea, new inspiration, new possibilities. It gives your ability to change the world around. Cross lines because there is no change in a swamp...