Changes in ELP

Prof. David Zilberman, Beahrs ELP Co-Director

Dear Alumni:
You have received Dean Gilless’s e-mail, which I view as part of a broader reform that the College is taking to enhance and develop its international programs. The CNR has always had a strong research program in development and, through the ELP, we have developed a strong outreach. Building upon these accomplishments, the recent Master of Development Practice Program has helped meet the high demand for professional education. These initiatives all serve to illustrate the College's continued and deepening commitment to international development at the college level. The ELP is the key component of professional outreach programs and will continue to prosper and grow. We are very proud of our past, the ELP Alumni Network, and the many relationships that it has built and activities generated. I intend to stay with the ELP and am convinced that it will be a sustainable and effective program and that the Alumni Network and Small Grant Initiative Program will be stronger than ever.
I want to thank Robin for her 12 years of leadership, vision, and passion, which really helped the Program grow to its present state. I am sure that she will continue to make major contributions. We are really fortunate to have had a wonderful team over the years that included Leslie, Elna, Marcia, Andy, Joyce, Jade, Sarah, and Anita.  Anita, Andy, and various student assistants continue working in close coordination with the MDP and are looking forward to the summer course as well as the new initiative that will be taken by CNR to make a world-class international program with the ELP as its key component.
We look forward to your input and continued interaction through our blog, Facebook, and hopefully soon in person.