First Libyan ELP alumni recognized for their participation

Khaled Ben Halim and Rida Sharif were recognized for becoming the first Libyans to participate in the 2013 Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program in a story by the Libya Herald.  The Beahrs ELP's summer certificate course in Sustainable Environmental Management, composed of a series of interdisciplinary workshops facilitated by UC Berkeley faculty and enhanced by field trips across California, strengthened their capacity to be environmental leaders in Libya.

Khaled Ben Halim "works in conservation and animal welfare, supporting both wild and domestic animals, and is involved in a scheme to rehabilitate Tripoli Zoo, which lost many animals during the revolution."

Rida Sharif "is in his final year of a forestry PhD and specialises in how improved forest management can impact on desertification."

We fully support Khaled Ben Halim and Rida Sharif and wish them the best in their endeavor to provide indigenous solutions to Libya's environmental challenges.

Learn more by reading the article in the Libya Herald.