Help for Nepal

Please find below information on the suggested disaster relief fund for Nepal as recommended by ELP Alums.

Fund Name: Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund for the Earthquake on 25th April 2015

The Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund is purely a relief fund set up by the Government of Nepal. The fund is used for rescue, treatment, relief, rehabilitation of victims and restoration of physical infrastructure damaged by natural disaster and calamities. Money received from the Government of Nepal or from any other national and international sources for the purpose of relief is deposited into this Fund and is solely used for the purpose of providing relief to the affected people.

The fund cannot be spent on any other overheads including facilities and allowances to civil servants or used to provide donations. At the Central Relief Fund level, a committee headed by the Vice Chairperson of the National Planning Commission and comprising of Secretaries of eight different ministries coordinate the Fund activities. The funds are released to the office of the Chief District Officer, who is the Coordinator of the District Relief Fund, through the Ministry of Home Affairs only after a unanimous decision is made by this committee.

All expenditure under both the Central Relief Fund and the District Relief Fund, are regularly and annually audited by the Auditor General of Nepal, which ensures maximum accountability and transparency.

NTC and NCELL Subscribers can contribute for Earthquake victims 2072
Type HELP & Send to 15025 to donate Rs. 25
Type HELP & Send to 15050 to donate Rs. 50
Type HELP & Send to 15100 to donate Rs. 100

Donors and contributors can choose to directly deposit funds in the following bank accounts.
Bank of Kathmandu, A/c No 010000062888524, SWIFT Code: BOKLNPKA
Citizen’s Bank International Limited, A/c No 0010002562CA, SWIFT Code: CTZNNPKA
Everest Bank Limited, A/c No 00101102200012 and 00100-105200270, SWIFT Code: EVBLNPKA
Global Banks Limited, A/c No 0411010000005, SWIFT Code: GLBBNPKA
Himalayan Bank Limited, A/c No 01905631210011 and 01905631210027, SWIFT Code: HIMANPKA
Nabil Bank Limited, A/c No 1710017505285, SWIFT Code: NARBNPKA
Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited, A/c No 01-035141C, SWIFT Code: NPBBNPKA
Nepal Bank Limited, A/c No 002-11-053313, SWIFT code: NEBLNPKA
Nepal Investment Bank Limited, A/c No, 00101010315562, SWIFT Code: NIBLNPKT
Nepal SBI Bank Limited, A/c No 17725240200640, SWIFT Code: NSBINPKA
NIC Asia Bank Limited, A/c No 3240374916524001, SWIFT Code: NICENPKA
Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited , Singha Durbar, A/c No 113000376201, SWIFT Code: RBBANPKA
Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, A/c No 01-0132438-01, SWIFT Code: SCBLNPKA