David Zilberman Reflects on 15 Years of ELP

Image iconelp-2001-david_2.jpg David Zilberman with the very first ELP cohort (2001)

The Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Since 2001, ELP has invited nearly 600 environmental practitioners from over 110 countries to UC Berkeley to solve complex cross-sectoral environmental problems from a wide range of disciplinary and organizational backgrounds. ELP fellows discuss topics such as collaborative leadership, conflict resolution, environmental policy, climate change, and impact assessment. They use the knowledge, skills, and networks they gain at Berkeley to produce new solutions to challenges in their home countries. The success of the Beahrs ELP has depended largely on the work and vision of David Zilberman. David has been the co-director of the ELP since its inception, and he has watched the program grow from a small course with just 9 participants to the intensive 3-week, 40-person experience is today. He shared insights and anecdotes on origins of the Beahrs ELP in an article for The Berkeley Blog.

Read his blog post here: http://blogs.berkeley.edu/2015/07/14/on-the-origins-of-the-beahrs-elp/