Global Food Summit 2017 — Food for a Transforming Society

November 29 - November 30, 2017

Berlin, Germany

2 day symposium

Ongoing urbanization, an aging society and the implementation of “sustainability” in every aspect of our lives has led to a pivotal moment in human history. Certainly, we must take into account the research and innovation that goes into our quickly-evolving food supply. But nevertheless, the global socio-technological transformation process currently underway must keep up with global need in order to maintain a sustainable food supply for nine billion people.

This conference intends to facilitate a broad public discourse on our modern food supply and the modern diet as it undergoes radical changes. With a repository of inventive, revolutionary ideas and research, the hope for this conference will be that these groundbreaking ideas can be carried out and implemented into policy and practice. Experts from the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands, among other global players, will be attendance to offer their respective insights on this pressing global issue. Topics covered will include biotechnology in the global economy, adaptation of our diets to include GMOs, and implementation of agriculture in urban cities.