April 18 - 20, 2017

David Brower Center

Berkeley, California

3-day workshop
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1. Overview

Innovation in Design of Agrifood Supply Chains: Strategic concepts and overview*

Professor, Robinson Chair
Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

Innovations in Supply Chain Design in the Rapidly Transforming "Emerging Markets" of Asia, Latin America, and Africa*

Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University

2. Innovations in Supply Chains by Retailers and Wholesalers

Scale up From New Niche Product to Commodity: Case of Quinoa by Costco*

Costco Wholesale

Alibaba's Hub & Spoke Rural E-commerce System to "Reach the Last Mile" in China*

Senior Vice President
CEVA Logistics

Retail Innovation in Fresh Produce Procurement Systems in North America*

the "Perishable Pundit" and founder of Produce Business Magazine
Perishable Pundit

Making Pizza with Robots: Food service automation, Zume Pizza in San Francisco

Zume Pizza

3. Innovations in Supply Chains by Processors

Innovation in Procurement of Sustainable Cacao Farms in Africa

Chief Agricultural Officer
Mars, Inc.

Transition from Commodity to Luxury Chocolate with Sustainable Labeling*

Advisory Board Member
College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

Processor Innovations to Manage Risk in Commodity Supply Chains*

Former CEO
Bunge Europe and Bunge North America

4. Innovations Upstream - Agricultural Technology, Services, and Farming to Supply Transforming Supply Chains

Panel: Impacts of the Revolutionary Technologies (CRISPR & other biotech) on Crop & Livestock Agriculture and Bio-Engineering Value Chains*

Cooperative Extension Specialist
UC Davis

Professor, Robinson Chair
Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

"Relentless Innovation" in Packaged Lettuce - In response to changing consumer demand*

Fresh Express and Global Research & Innovation Center

Innovations in Procurement and Marketing of Grapes & Blueberries from US and Mexico to US, Asia and Europe*

Director of Special Projects
Pandol Bros.,Inc.

Nimbleness in Produce Farming and Processing in Response to Climate Risk*

Woolf Farming & Processing

Financial Innovation in the Food Value Chain*


Private Sector Innovation in Farm Seed and Chemical Inputs in Developing Regions*

Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics, Rutgers University

Panel: Innovation in Water Conservation*

Professor, Robinson Chair
Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

Woolf Farming & Processing

Solidaridad North America

5. Policies & Innovative Programs in Agrifood Supply Chains

Panel: the New Order in Politics and Regulations with Implications for Farming and Agrifood Industries*

Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy, Wageningen University

Economics, Iowa State University

Animal Protection Regulations with Implications for the Livestock Industry*

University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover

Cocoa, Bananas and Sugar - A Recipe for Fair, Sustainable Supply Chains*

Managing Director
Solidaridad North America

Innovation in Animal Feed to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission*

Director Sustainability Development

* indicates confirmed session and speaker: as of 2/10/2017